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Absol Trading Card Game (ポケモントレーディングカードゲーム) Absol Trading Card Game (ポケモントレーディングカードゲーム) Absol Trading Card Game
pokémon USA/Gamefreak, 2003-2009
Yeppers, the regular ol' Trading Card Game. I lack some of the newer at the moment, but that will change soon enough. I also lack an Absol Ex, which again will change soon. These come from a variety of places. I'm always on the lookout for any other foreign Absol cards - French, German, Spanish, Italian, you name it, I'm interested in it.

Absol Vending Cards (アブソル ヴェンデッタ カード) Absol Vending Cards
アブソル ヴェンデッタ カード
Bandai, 2003
I'm pretty sure this is a complete set of Vending cards.... Of course, I could be wrong, seeing as this is one of those series with loads of unique sets. Still, I'm glad to have all that I know of. The lenticular card gets no justice from this picture, it really is beautiful up close (and just happens to be the card that took me the longest to obtain). I really like these cards, and over in Japan, they're quite a good price (50p for about 5 in the Jusco store). The card on the far right also happens to be the same image I used on a previous layout. I would have used another card had I not found another image to use as well.

Absol Battle Sheet (アブソル バトルシートガム) Absol Battle Sheet (VS Cards)
ポケモン アブソル バトルシートガム
EnSky, 2003
I just love VS cards. Most of the time, these feature unique artwork of pokémon. Sadly for Absol, most of the art is just recycled art with a minor difference. Poor Absol seems to be getting a beating in most of these cards..... Although come oooooon - Like Golbat stands a chance against Absol using bite (unless this is one low level Absol or high level Golbat). This is a complete set of the Ruby/Sapphire series Absol cards. I don't see a great deal of these, so I have no idea if Absol has been released in other sets.

Absol 3D Battle Sheet (アブソル バ3D トルシートガム) Absol 3D Holo Battle Sheet (VS Card)
ポケモン アブソル 3D バトルシートガム
EnSky, 2003
Alternate Image: 1
Ah, at long last, the 3D 'holographic' VS Card. This is one of those cards that should be viewed with those 3D glasses you can buy, hence the slightly funky looking image. Unlike the other VS Cards, this one also features Absol on the back too without info (as seen in the alternate image).I don't have any 3D glasses anymore (well I probably do.... Somewhere) so I can't tell you what it looks like in 3D just yet.

Absol Topps (アブソル トープスカード) Absol Topps
アブソル トープスカード
Topps, 2003
The Topps series cards were received from a great eBay seller. After winning some items and privately purchasing an Absol Zukan from him, he sent these cards out free of charge for not having Absol's base. I'm very grateful to him, because I don't really see these cards for sale often. These were only released in the US, and the pop up card was a 'secret' rare card from the series. The textures surrounding Absol on the regular card are beautiful, and blend in perfectly. There's another card out there with Absol in his classic standing pose, and I'm pretty sure of another secret card.

Absol Holo Topps (アブソル トープスカード) Absol Holo Topps
アブソル トープスカード
Topps, 2003
Please ignore the fluffy bits on the scanned image - I don't know where they came from (well actually it's probably dust but you know). This was kindly given as a freebie from pikachux, and boy, am I glad to have it. I have no idea why England didn't bother to release the Advanced Gen Topps series, especially when there are beauties like this amongst them.

Absol Puzzle Card (アブソル パズルカード) Absol Puzzle Card
七夜の願い星ジラーチ アブソル パズルカード
Bandai, 2003
Alternate Image: 1
I found this on eBay, in a complete set of the cards. At the back is a part of the famous Japanese Jirachi Movie promo image. The other cards make up the set to form the full image, like a puzzle. I'm never sure which way to face this card, as both sides feature Absol primarily. They choose a beautiful background to go with a beautiful pokémon.

Absol Lamincard (アブソル ラミンカード) Absol Lamincard
アブソル ラミンカード
Edibas, 2005
Alternate Image: 1
Lamincards were released in Europe except - Yeah, you guessed it - The UK. Yet we did release Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Lamincards. Anyway, I went through a large amount of packets in order to get an Absol. In the end, I got two Absol - One for the Absol collection, the other for my actual Lamincard collection. I love these cards, and I'm really happy Absol has one. If only they'd used another pose though....

Absol Game Card (アブソル ゲームカード) Absol Game Card
アブソル ゲームカード
Hasbro, 2003
It's a random Absol game card. I don't know what else to say really. Although it does contain a really nice pose of Absol on it, haha. It's also slightly smaller than a regular card.

Absol Game Card (アブソル ゲームカード) Absol Advanced Gen Game Card
アブソル ボードゲームカード
Tomy, 2003
See above. It's almost the same reply. This one is smaller than the card above, and more of a mini-card in comparison. This is part of an Advanced Gen game.

Absol Game Card (アブソル ゲームカード) Absol 10th Anniversary Board Game Card
アブソル 10周年記念 ボードゲームカード
Tomy, 2008
And once again, see above. It's almost identical to the above card, except a different colour. This is part of a 10th Anniversary game.

Absol Bromide (アブソル ブロマイド) Absol Bromide
アブソル ブロマイドカード
EnSky, 2003-2009
There are quite a few Absol Bromide Cards I've seen. At the moment, this is the only one I own, and that was a lucky pull from pokémon Center Tokyo (especially as I didn't realise it was in this set). I actually love this card series, mainly due to the size being bigger than a regular trading card. And for those who actually wonder why: 316 is Absol's card number in this series. Yes, there's a lot out there.

Absol Banpresto Vending Card (アブソル ヴェンデッタ カード) Absol Banpresto Vending Card
アブソル ヴェンデッタ カード
Banpresto, 2004
Alternate Image: 1
I had no idea this existed until an auction on eBay appeared for it. It was a tough fight, but I got there in the end. I love the unique background, even though pink is one of my least favourite colours. I'm pretty sure this is the only Absol in this set, and I hope so too, with with their rarity.

Absol Mini Playing Card (アブソル ミニ カード) Absol Mini Playing Card
アブソル ミニ カード
Tomy, 2003
This little card was a freebie from Phoenixxfoxx, thank you! It's a tiny playing card, with a nice uncommon image of Absol featured. Due to the size and thinness of the card, it's fairly difficult to find in mint condition.

Absol Slider Card (アブソル スライダカード) Absol Slider Card
 アブソル スライダカード
Character, 2004
It's a Slider card, with another awesome background texture. The back of this card is identical to the front, and it's a plastic card. I still really adore it.

Absol PostCard (アブソル スライダカード) Absol PostCard
 アブソル スライダカード
Subarado, 2003
This is a really nice postcard of Absol. A beautiful setting, with a beautiful picture of Absol on the front. The effect around Absol really brings out the beauty of this postcard, and Absol's graceful 'roaring' pose is a great touch.

Absol Action Flipz (アブソル アクションフリプズ) Absol Action Flipz
アブソル アクションフリプズ
Artbox, 2005
Alternate Image: 1
Advanced Gen Action Flipz! Argh, it took me ages to get Absol. I got nearly the whole set before I got Absol. But it was worth it alright. The poses aren't that unique or anything, but it's still a nice lenticular card that doesn't screw up like a lot of the Action Flip styled items I have. And again, a nice background to go with it too.

Absol Flix Pix (アブソル フリクスピクス) Absol Flix Pix
アブソル フリクスピクス
Merlin Stickers, 2005
Oh wow. I saw this on hicke_chan's sales post, and leapt on the chance to buy it. This is very similar to the Action Flipz, only this picture doesn't change pose - Just size. Absol goes from large to small and vice versa instead. I'd only ever seen this one other time in a tiny image, so I'm really happy to have it.

Absol Stamps (アブソル キッズ シール) Absol Stamp Sheets
アブソル キッズ シール
Ensky, 2003
Alternate Image: 1, 2, 3,
Oh wow. I first saw one Absol stamp in a very hard to find set, and then another elsewhere. And out of the blue came this auction for a whole bunch of stamp sheets. And in it were the two sheets I had seen, plus another one of Absol from Battle Colosseum! Bonus! These are all really nice stamps. Alternate images show the different sheets they come on (which I haven't dismantled).

Absol Amada Stickers (アブソル 最強シール) Absol Amada Stickers
アブソル 最強シール
Ensky, 2003-2008
Amada Stickers of Absol are all over the place. Getting hold of one without buying 50+ at the same time is another story. Mine come from various places, but I know there's more out there. I love seeing all the poses on these stickers, including other pokémon.

Holo Absol Amada Stickers (アブソル 最強シール) Holo Absol Amada Stickers
アブソル 最強シール
Ensky, 2003-2004
Holo Amada stickers are normally harder to obtain compared to regular Amada stickers. There are some series, however, comprised entirely of holo stickers. These stickers.... Are still hard to find as well. The holo Amada stickers I know of (own and need) all contain unique artwork. They're all beautiful stickers, and the poses are all very nice. And they're not as scratched up as they appear - You know how precise scanners can be.

Absol WakaWaka Sticker (アブソル アドバンスジェネレーション わざマシン キッズ) Absol WakaWaka Sticker
アブソル アドバンスジェネレーション わざマシン キッズ
Bandai, 2005
This Absol sticker comes with the Absol Technical Machine Pencil Topper. It's quite small, and explains the attack which the figure is based on. It has a nice image of Absol on for a change, instead of the regular 'sprite-focused' image we see the most of.

Absol Kids Sticker (アブソル キッズ シール) Absol Kids Sticker
アブソル キッズ シール
Bandai, 2003
It's the sticker from the first Absol Kid. I may still try for the box, but as it doesn't have a picture of Absol printed on it, it's very low priority. Again, the eBay seller sent this as a freebie, which was another nice gesture.

Absol Attack Kids Card (アブソル キッズ シール) Absol Attack Kids Card
アブソル キッズ シール
Bandai, 2003
Finally, one of my favourite original poses - The Absol Attack Kid card! Absol truly looks amazing in this card, just as he does with the Kid figure itself. The effects on this card are equally cool, and uses my favourite colour as well. One of my favourite cards overall.

Absol DP Kids Sticker (アブソル キッズ DP シール) Absol Kids DP Sticker
アブソル キッズ DP シール
Bandai, 2009
The sticker from the more recent Absol kid release, the DP Kid. Not much to say really, it uses the standard standing pose, and displays info just like all the other stickers in this series does.

Absol pokémon Collection Sticker (アブソル サッポロ シール) Absol pokémon Collection Sticker
ポケモンコレクションシール アブソル
Sapporo 2003
These stickers (or 'seals' in Japan) are available in noodle pots. I saw an Absol one a long time ago on Yahoo!Japan, but passed on it due to lack of funds. I was lucky to find one in a sales post, and was then able to purchase it that way. But.... It's different to the one I've seen, so there's more than one Absol out there. I'm happy enough with this one for now, but I'm always on the lookout for the other(s?) in this series.

Absol Movie Stickers (アブソル シール) Absol Movie Sticker Sheet
ポケモンセンター アブソル シール
Pokemon Center, 2003
I've always loved that unique pose of Absol from the Pokemon Center that was used on a rare tin, and for a long time, I believed it was the only place it was used. And then I saw this sticker sheet. Thanks to the Pokemon Collectors community, I was able to organize a group auction and sucessfuly obtain this rare sticker sheet. I'm so ecstatic to have it, it brings me one step closer to completing my collection of items with this artwork on it. The only other item I have seen is a can badge, although I'm sure there's more out there.

Absol Stickers (アブソル シール) Absol Miscallaneous Stickers
ポケモンセンター アブソル シール
Pokemon Center, 2003
Alternate Image: 1, 2
Although not directly part of my Absol collection, these are two sticker sheets featuring Absol on them. It's hard enough to find Absol PokeDoll artwork as it is, so for the sake of completion, here they are. The alternative images show the full sheet that they are on.

Absol pokéPan (アブソル ポケットモンスター パン) Absol pokéPan
ポケットモンスター パン アブソル シール
Daiichi Pan, 2003-2009
Absol Pan stickers, at times, can be a real pain to get hold of. There's just so many different ones out there, it's hard to get a specific sticker at a good price. These came from Phoenixxfoxx once again, at a great price. I have a duplicate of the top left and bottom right stickers, but I still don't want to use them just yet! As these come with pokéPan (pokémon-themed bread) in Japan randomly, I'm always needing to keep up with the new series that come out every couple of weeks. Better image coming soon.

Absol Illustrated Guide (アブソル SEALDASS) Absol Illustrated Guide Cardass
Bandai, 2003
Alternate Images: 1, 2
I remember first seeing the Illustrated Guide on Yahoo!Japan Auctions, in a lot of them for a very high price. Next time I saw it, I missed, but third time's the charm. This is a really nice booklet, probably from a vending machine in Japan. It features a bunch of stickers inside, with more than one of Absol.

Absol Battle Sticker (アブソル  バトル シール) Absol Battle Sticker
ポケモン  バトルシール アブソル
Ensky?, 2003
I'd purchased this series before - But none of my packets had given me Absol before. So imagine my surprise when I saw this poking out of a lot of stickers on Yahoo!Japan. It's a really nice sticker, with an uncommon pose of Absol standing. The background effect is also quite beautiful as well.

Absol Battle Pieces (アブソル バトルピース) Absol Battle Pieces
ポケモン バトルピース アブソル
Tomy, 2004
I'd seen the cut-out sticker before. It took a while for me to click that it was part of this set. As soon as I found out, I began keeping an eye out for the set with Absol to appear on Yahoo!Japan. And sure enough, my waiting paid off. A seller had the full set up for grabs, and within one of the boxes, were these two stickers. Tiny yet adorable, it's notable that Absol does not come in the Jirachi box - But the Celebi box instead.

Absol Meiji Sticker (アブソル MEIJI シール) Absol Meiji Sticker
ポケモン MEIJIシール アブソル
Meiji, 2010
Meiji, makers of my favourite chocolate (Well, Cadbury's has gone downhill recently.....). This is a small, cute little sticker featuring Absol, and a slightly 'holographic' look to the sticker itself. It features something other than the main Absol image though, so that's cool too.

Absol  EnSky Sticker (アブソル EnSky シール) Absol EnSky Sticker
ポケモン EnSkyシール アブソル
EnSky, 2003?
I first saw this sticker in a huge lot of random items on Yahoo!Japan. Alas, at that time, I could not afford to buy a lot of stickers just for that one. A couple of years later, Pheonixxfoxx was selling one for a very good price. And here it is now! Not much to be said about it, as it uses regular art, but the yellow border is quite a nice touch.

Absol Sheets (アブソル シート) Absol Information Sheets
ポケモン アブソル シート
Prima, 2003
Normally, I don't collect things like this, but the awesome pikachux included these freebies in my package. These are little info sheets taken from strategy guides (Presumably Prima, but feel free to correct me as there's a good chance there are more out there we never released here). I really love both of these sheets, they're very detailed, even though they're pre-DP era. And they look great at the side of one of the Absol shelves.

Absol Pencil Board (七夜の願い星 下敷き) Absol "Shitajiki" Pencil Board
七夜の願い星 アブソル 下敷き
Movic, 2003
I finally managed to get this via a group buy, still in the original pack. The scanner did not do this board justice, you can't see the sparkly effect very well at all. I love the leaping pose on this, and Satoshi is right next to Absol pose is unique to this picture, the only other version that I know of being an expensive phone card. I'm not sure if there are any other boards featuring Absol.

Absol Movie Poster (七夜の願い星ジラーチ アブソル ポスター) Absol Movie Poster
七夜の願い星ジラーチ アブソル ポスター
Nintendo/pokémon, 2003
This is one of my favourite items. This is an advertisment poster for the 7th Movie. Featuring none other than Absol instead of Jirachi! You can't see him too well in this picture, but on closer inspection, you can see Absol's outline. This picture is also found in the ani-manga book as well. This is the only known poster to feature Absol alone, and to top it all off, it's an official large-size poster, not a small flyer-style poster. The picture truly does this no justice.