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Absol Movie Tin (ポケモンセンター アソート3缶セット ポケモン朝アブソル) Absol Movie Tin Special
ポケモンセンター アソート3缶セット ポケモン朝アブソル
Pokemon Center, 2003
Oh wow. Since I first saw this tin, I've longed to own it, being a huge lover of Pokemon Tins. Once again, a seller on Yahoo!Japan happened to be selling one amongst a lot of other neat items, including the Jirachi tin from the same set, Plusle/Minun wall decorations and a bunch of figures. The tin arrived to me in mint condition, and the photo does not do this amazing piece of memorabilia justice. The artwork here is also unique, making it even more special. This is easily one of my most favourite items in my whole collection.

Absol Nametag Holder (アブソル ネームホルダー) Absol Nametag Holder Keychain
アブソル ネームホルダー
Banpresto, 2003
The Name Holder Strap was found on Yahoo!Japan, like most of my Absol items. It was in a huge lot which included an adorable Charmander PokeDoll Mug, some MIP Amada stickers and cards, and a lot of other random but very nice goodies (a lot of which were Pokemon Center exclusives). It was quite a high price for a starting bid at 3,000Yen, but all of the other items certainly made it a good purchase. I can't remember if this is the right colour buttons for Absol, as I remember removing some to put the blue coloured ones on. All that aside, it's a truly wonderful keychain.

Absol 3D Magnet (アブソル マグネットコレクション) Absol 3D Puffy Magnet
ポケモンマグネットコレクション アブソル
Subarado, 2004
The 3D Absol Magnet is a wonderful little trinket. As the name suggests, Absol is 'risen' slightly from the rest of the magnet, like a little puff. The colours blend in perfectly. It took me a while to actually find this magnet being sold on its own - All I could originally find were full sets!

Absol US Magnet (アブソル US マグネット) Absol US Magnet
ポケモンセンター US アブソル マグネット
Pokemon Center, 2003
I only found out about this magnet when I saw it on Toz (aka Happyjolteon)'s collection update, along with a keychain in the same pose. I still need the keychain, but imagine to my surprise when I saw this on eBay UK amongst a lot of other rare Japanese items. The starting bid was a little high, though that worked to my advantage seeing as no one else bid. I hope to get the keychain one day too!

Absol European Magnet (アブソル マグネット) Absol European Magnet
アブソル マグネット
Pokemon Center, 2003
This Absol Magnet is a European release. As such, it's very flimsy and gets damaged easy. There's not much to say sadly, as it's a regular pose magnet. It can still be found for fairly cheap, so it's still a nice addition.

Absol Strap Cleaner (アブソル クリーナーストラップ) Absol Strap Cleaner
アブソル クリーナーストラップ
Banpresto, 2003
I found the Absol Strap Cleaner, once again, on Yahoo!Japan. It came with some others from the same series, such as Flygon, Skitty and Marshtomp. I had no idea this existed until I actually saw this auction, so I was very happy to win at a low price. There seems to be different coloured straps too. Whilst I'm not in a hurry to get them, I'd like get hold of a purple or blue if one exists. The design is beautiful, with yet another amazing background texture. Or maybe it's just because it has Absol on.

Absol POP Notebook (アブソル POP ノートブック) Absol POP Promo Notebook
アブソル POP ノートブック
PUSA, 2004
The POP promotional Ex Power Keepers notebook was found on eBay one day. And I'm so glad to have it, because it's hard to find that pose outside the Trading Card Game packet. Even some of the pages are decorated with Absol. It's a really great notebook, but I won't be using it for anything other than display purposes of course.

Absol Folder (アブソル カードフォルダー) Absol Card Folder
アブソル カードフォルダー
PUSA, 2009
It took me so long to find this. Why? Because Absol's on the BACK. And hardly anyone bothers showing pictures of the back. I'm so glad they used this artwork, it's one of my fave images of Absol. Now PUSA - Put Absol on the front for once. Stop throwing him on the back. He's more awesome than you think he is.

Absol Dice (アブソル ポケモン サイコロン) Absol Dice Block
アブソル サイコロン
Subarado, 2004
The Absol Dice has a little story to it. I saw a community member selling it, but was beaten to it by Pheonixxfoxx. She later sold her Absols off, and I then purchased it from her. And I thank her very much for this adorable item, as I have yet to see another one for sale anywhere! It also has some other nice Pokemon on it such as Sneasel and Zapdos. The poses Absol are in are also some of the more uncommon artwork, making this even more awesome.

Absol Eraser (アブソル ファイル) Absol Eraser
アブソル ファイル
Subarado, 2009
This little yellow eraser is pretty cool. It's a 'Battle' eraser if I'm not mistaken, used to play a game (although I won't be playing any games with this - It's my luck to damage it if I attempted to do so). Although Absol in his usual pose, it's still very nicely made. On the other side is Arceus.

Absol Retsuden (アブソル スタンプ 烈伝第) Absol Retsuden Stamp
アブソル スタンプ 烈伝第1弾
Pokemon Center, 2003
The Absol Retsuden Stamp was another random find. To tell the truth, I was incredibly worried when I saw the auction, for on top of Absol were two different Eeveelution items - The Jolteon and Flareon Bandai Chibi stamps! Luckily, no one else found the auction (or at least, they didn't bid!) and they all ended up here. I know by personal experience how hard it is to get the latest Retsuden stampers, let alone one from a previous series. I'm really happy to own such an awesome item in my collection.

Absol Wooden Stamp (アブソル スタンプ) Absol Wooden Stamp
ポケモンセンター アブソル スタンプ
Pokemon Center, 2003
Ah, this Absol Wooden Stamp was something that made my first trip to Japan a very happy one. The first time I visited, before the Center had moved near the Hamamatsucho Station and was still located near Tokyo Station, after snagging a Lugia Advanced Gen plush like an Arcanine using ExtremeSpeed, I searched for the Tomy Moncolle, but stopped to pick up this little gem. It's not very rare or anything, but it's still special to me.

Absol Van (アブソル ヴァン) Absol Movie Van
アブソル トミカ ヴァン
Subarado, 2003
This little Absol van..... Was an unforgettable last minute purchase from Japan. It was the final day before I returned to England (GAH) and there was 15 minutes before the last bus picked us up from the shopping mall back to the hotel. I wanted one more time to check out the only store which rivalled in awesomeness to the Pokemon Center: Re-Use Plaza (AKA Book-Off). On my way out, something just made me look in the little container full of cars - And this amazing vehicle looked up at me. And just a week before I'd left for Japan, I'd already missed an auction for this because of the price. But to find it for what was at the time $1..... Such a happy moment. Before the next day destroyed me :D

Absol Bus (アブソル トミカ) Absol Movie Bus
アブソル トミカ
Subarado, 2003
From Yahoo!Japan comes this beautiful little bus. Oh, if only we had buses decorated this wonderfully. The other side features Groudon & Kyogre, but Absol is more important here, ya know? This bus is a little beauty. The colours match each other, and the effects on the patterns are amazing.

Absol Vehicle (アブソル トミカ) Absol Movie Vehicle
アブソル トミカ
Subarado, 2003
Alternate Image - 1
Also from Yahoo!Japan. This is quite possibly my fave from the set. On the outside, it looks like an ordinary van, right? Well. Check out the additional pic. It opens up to reveal a back picture, and a small plastic image of Absol & Jirachi. It's absolutely beautiful. On the other side is Meowth & Pikachu, for the mini movie.

Absol Coffret (Gift) Box (アブソル ギフトボックス) Absol Coffret (Gift) Box
アブソル ギフトボックス
Pokemon Europe, 2004
Ah, France, home to some of the rarer European items, such as this Gift Box with Absol. This pose is pretty dynamic, and it's not like there's a great deal of merchandise using this particular pose as it is. It came with a bunch of different card packs, including a POP pack (Best card was Carapuce aka Squirtle though). It was pretty expensive too, but that could be because of the poor rate right now.

Absol Sew-On Patch (ポケモンセンター アブソル ワッペン) Absol Sew-On Patch
ポケモンセンター アブソル ワッペン
Pokemon Center, 2003
This sew-on Absol patch..... Well, see what happened with the Dice. Pheonixxfoxx defeated me on eBay, but then later sold it to me when she was selling off her Absols! Again, thank you! I love items from the New York Pokemon Center, especially as I didn't even have the chance to order from them. I actually really like patches, and I wish I could have ordered from the Center so I could get about 4 or 5 of them to use.

Absol Tupperware Box (ポケモンセンター アブソル お弁当) Absol Tupperware Box
ポケモンセンター アブソル お弁当
Claner, 2003
I first saw this box in a huge lot on Yahoo!Japan again. I couldn't afford to buy it all, and didn't have a middleman at the time anyway. I was finally able to get it from the community, still sealed in the original bag to boot! I love little trinkets like this, it's always a surprise to find them. It's fairly small, but very cute. I could probably find things to fit in this.

Absol Pass Case (七夜の願い星 劇場限定商品 アブソル パスケース) Absol Pass Case
七夜の願い星 劇場限定商品 アブソル パスケース
Pokemon Center, 2003
Alternate Image - 1
I saw this in a sales post and my attention shot straight to Absol. This is a really nice pass case, even featuring a rainbow effect on the already shiny (not 'that' shiny) Absol. This is also mint in pack, preserving the beauty further. So much movie merchandise, such little time to find the funds for it all.

Absol Whiteboard (七夜の願い星 ジラーチ アブソル ホワイトボード) Absol Whiteboard
七夜の願い星 ジラーチ アブソル ホワイトボード
Banpresto, 2003
Alternate Image - 1
Ah, whiteboards. Never really used them, except at school. I still don't use them actually, I only have a blackboard. /End off-topic. This board features Absol in a rare pose, I believe taken from the movie. I found it whilst browsing Yahoo!Japan (as usual) in a set of 3, all mint in pack. I've decided against the idea of taking mine out and risking damage from Yugi, my ever lovable cat who believes, for some reason, these things are a great scratching post.

Absol Medal (七夜の願い星 ジラーチ アブソル ワプス) Absol Movie Medal
七夜の願い星 ジラーチ アブソル ワプス
Pokemon Center, 2003
I was very late in getting one of these. The infamous movie medal for the Jirachi Movie! I always love roaring Absol, which is a plus for this beautiful medal. This one also came with some other movie medals, including a rather nice Manaphy one with a blue background. It might not have that same background, but I'm really glad I finally obtained this one before it becomes hard to find.

Absol Waps (アブソル ワプス) Absol Waps
アブソル ワプス
Panini, 2003
Kraks and Waps are often mistaken for each other. These are the Waps: They look more like a square. These were released in the UK, and became a craze for a while, bringing back Pokemon's popularity. Like Kraks, they can be obtained in a variety of colours, and I'm out to try and catch 'em all. I'd really like a blue one next. These things are a total pain to photograph when they're holo. But still! They're pretty neat little trinkets.

Absol Kraks (アブソル クラークス) Absol Kraks
アブソル クラークス
Panini, 2003
Kraks and Waps are often mistaken for each other. These are the Kraks: They're more circular. They also weren't released in the UK, but were released around the rest of Europe instead. Like Waps, they are available in multiple colours, and I'd like to get as many as I can. Clear is my favourite one here though, but I'd love to get blue as well. The pose is very nice too.

Absol Trading Coins (アブソル トレーディング コイン) Absol Trading Coins
アブソル トレーディング コイン パート4
Bandai, 2003
I found this Metal coin on Yahoo!Japan and thought they'd be bigger. However, at a cheap BIN price with some others, I wasn't dissappointed. The size is inbetween a 5P and 10P piece (sorry international useres - Let's just say it's smaller than a regular coin). There's multiple different versions of this coin, and I'd like to get as many as possible. The colour of the coin and the gem on top vary. I eventually managed to club together with the community to buy some more variations, but I'm always on the lookout for more.

Absol Chipz (アブソル チイプ) Absol Chipz
アブソル チイプ
Topps, 2004
The Absol Chip is actually very rare. As in, people can open a full box of Chipz and not receive one. I myself purchased a full box and got lucky, as I also received the elusive Golden Jirachi Chip. I didn't receive all of the Silver holo Chipz though, so I consider myself very lucky to have this item in my collection.

Absol Battrio (アブソル バトリオ) Absol Battrio
ポケモンバトリオ アブソル
The Pokemon Company, 2010
FINALLY. I've been waiting so long for an Absol Battrio. The game itself is actually quite fun to play, and it's a real shame it's a Japanese only arcade game. The Absol Battrio features a unique pose, and it's a common Battrio to obtain. And you know what else is awesome? Absol's first appearance is in series 13. Anyway, this is a really nice item, and I hope they release more in the future.

Absol Supien Disc (アブソル スピエン) Absol Supien Disc
ポケモンAG ブースター2 アブソル スピエン
Panini, 2003
These Absol Supien are more often referred to as Discs. Which is understandable, because they basically are. I found two in a lot from Yahoo!Japan, and lucky for me the lot contained two different Absol - A nice surprise seeing as I could only see one in the picture! I actually love the pose Absol is in here. It's one of my favourite stock art images, and I'm glad to see it getting used a bit more.

Holo Absol Supien Disc (アブソル スピエン) Absol Holo Supien Disc
ポケモンAG ブースター2 アブソル スピエン
Panini, 2003
The holo Absol Supien was found, along with the other Supien disc, in a lot from Yahoo!Japan. In particular, the photo cannot do the holo disc any justice. I have no idea how rare the holo Supien are, as I have yet to buy a packet of them. All I know is that I haven't come across this one since. Despite being in the same standing pose, it's still beautiful. Or perhaps I'm biased with purple being my second favourite color (Any variation of blue will always lead the way - Which is why I prefer regular Absol merch to shiny Absol merch).

Absol Pacchin (アブソル パッチン) Absol Pacchin
アブソル パッチン
Panini, 2003
The Absol Pacchin (Most often referred to as a pog, or by some Japanese a menko) are fairly common overall, although there are many, many different versions. Absol has multiple releases, though some were released in starter packs and therefore not too difficult to find compared to many others in the series. The top left Chuppi was found in a lot on Yahoo!Japan, whilst the others came from community members. One has minor damage (go figure, the only one in the lot to have it) and the other is in mint condition. I'm glad to have these three in my collection, just gotta find the others.

Absol Boinx (アブソル ボエヌクス) Absol Boinx
アブソル ボエヌクス
Cheetos, 2004
Oh Cheetos, it's been so many years since I've tasted you..... Yet another thing England no longer sell. This is a Boinx, like a plastic pog in a rubber ring. What's interesting about this is that it uses the Japanese Amada artwork instead of a regular stock art photo. They're used to play a game like many free giveaways in Europe. It's nice to see a change of art, and this one in particular is one of my fave images.

Absol Metal Tazo (アブソル  メタルタシゾ) Absol Metal Tazo
アブソル  メタルタシゾ
Cheetos, 2007
Another Cheetos giveaway, a Metal Tazo (aka metal disc). Again, it uses some beautiful artwork from the Japanese Amada stickers. Both of these are quite rare, given that they were not released in the more common European countries, such as the UK, France, Germany, etc. I long for the days when my own country gets off their 'Dog-ars' and starts giving us freebies again. It's the least they could do seeing as they rip us off with just about everything.

Absol Stak (アブソル スターク) Absol Staks
アブソル スターク
Panini, 2004
Staks are collectable (and playable) magnets. The UK famously released the Johto series in this format, and they are the most common type of Stak. They also released an Advanced Gen Stak, however, these were much rarer and not sold in many places. I was lucky to finally come across this one on eBay, after a couple of years searching. I actually love this thing, although I love anything with Absol on, haha.

Absol Metal Keychain (アブソル メタル マスコット) Absol Metal Keychain
アブソル メタル マスコット
Subarado, 2003
This Metal Keychain was a nice little get. Once again, amongst a huge lot of random items on Yahoo!Japan lay this item. I was lucky enough to win a bidding war and get the items for a good price (especially as the lot also contained a MIP Pokemon Pikachu Color)! I love this keychain, and the colours mix well together. I'm really glad this is still MIP too, it would have driven me insane to miss out on such a great card backing, eheh.

Absol Metal Tag (アブソル メタルタグ) Absol Metal Tag
アブソル メタルタグ
E-Max, 2004
The Absol Metal Tag was another 'loads of packs without Absol'. I eventually caved in and purchased one on eBay, then the following day I received one in a packet. Go figure. I enjoy metal tags, and even though this is a fairly cheaply made tag, it's still a nice one. It still has it's protective cover on too! So don't mint what may look like scratches in the photo, it's just the plastic cover.

Absol Can Badge (アブソル 缶バッジ) Absol Can Badge
七夜の願い星 缶バッジセット アブソル
Subarado, 2003
I saw this on auction, but it went too high. Well, sort of. I really wanted the whole set, and Absol was being auctioned off on his own. Pheonixxfoxx to the rescue, with the full set mint in pack! This set is really amazing. With one of the best (IMO) pictures of Absol being used as the main attraction. Also glad to have received Salamence and Jirachi too!

Absol Bean (アブソル マイティビーヌ) Absol Mighty Bean
アブソル マイティビーヌ
Mighty Moose, 2004
Oh wow, the Absol Mighty Bean was a PAIN to get hold of. Despite buying several packets, I was constantly getting Donphan and Sableye. I eventually kept watching eBay, and someone in the US put one up for sale. The feet are an adorable addition. I'm really glad Absol ended up getting one of these, because it certainly is a unique item to the collection.

Absol-ute Disaster DVD (アブソル DVD Absol-ute Disaster DVD
アブソル DVD
Viz Video, 2006
The infamous Absol DVD! This had to be purchased from the US because as always, Great Britain let me down and decided not to release them on DVD (our overseas neighbours, the French, apparently have much better taste than my country, seeing as they still release the series on DVD. But still, whilst I never got around to actually removing the clingfilm, I know this episode is awesome. It's so nice to see Absol on the front of a DVD, looking really awesome as usual.

Wishing Star Jirachi DVD (ポケモン 七夜の願い星 ジラーチ DVD) Wishing Star Jirachi DVD
ポケモン 七夜の願い星 ジラーチ DVD
Pokemon the Movie, 2003
What kind of Absol fan would I be without the official DVD of the movie he stars in? I have this in 3 languages - Japanese, English & French. But this is the only release I own with Absol artwork on it, so we'll use this as the image for the site. The movie itself is great, but my main focus is of course Absol himself. He is beautifully animated in this movie.

Wishing Star Manga & Color Book (げきじょうばんポケットモンスターアドバンスジェネレーション七夜の願い星~ジラーチ~) Wishing Star Manga & Color Book
Coro Coro Comics, 2003
These were both purchased in Japan, from different stores. The book on the left is an 'All-Color' book, featuring pictures from the movie to illustrate the story with speech, and also uses the image from the poster shown at the bottom of the flats section. The right book is the manga, and features some stunning Absol images, which will eventually be on the site in the future. There are more books out there, and I'd love to own them in the future too.

Absol Pacchin File (ポケモンパッチン オフィシャルコレクションファイル) Absol Pokemon Pacchin Official Collection File
アブソル ポケモンパッチン オフィシャルコレクションファイル
Movic, 2003
There's not many Files in existance that actually feature Absol on it. Surprisingly, this doesn't hold any Absol items at all - It does, however, hold them for other Pokes such as Kadabra and Charmeleon. Instead, all Absol items are, in some way, displayed on the shelves. Still.... Gotta love roaring Absol, right?

Absol Flannel (アブソル タオルチーフ) Absol Flannel
アブソル タオルチーフ
Movic, 2003
This Absol Flannel was found on Yahoo!Japan. It came in a lot of 3. I still have the other two actually, but I'm not sure if I ever want to sell them or not. I love the pattern on this item, and even Pikachu looks adorable here. And of course.... Blue background is made of win. There's so much brilliant Movie merch out there with Absol on.

Absol Trozei Shirt (アブソル タオルチーフ) Absol Trozei Shirt
アブソル ポケモントローゼ
Pokemon Center, 2003
Alternate Image - 1
To the best of my knowledge, there is no known shirt with just Absol on. However, there aren't very many shirts with Absol on full stop. This is one of my most favourite shirts, from the puzzle game Pokemon Trozei (or 'Link' if you're in Europe). There are several known Trozei shirts, but only one with Absol on. This came from the US Pokemon Center, before it closed.

Absol Packets (アブソル カードパーク) Absol Card Packets
アブソル カードパーク
Pokemon USA, 2004-2009
Well..... They still count, right? I love the artwork on these packets. I love the art on Supreme Victors so much, and I'm glad to have finally found a folder using that art. Even if they were awkward enough to put Absol on the back and Rayquaza on the front.

Absol DP 3 Kids Box (ポケモンセンター アブソル ワッペン) Absol Kids DP 3 Box
ポケモンセンター アブソル ワッペン
Bandai, 2009
The first of 3 boxes. When I say first, I mean first that I've managed to obtain. And that would be the most recent. Still, it's got that uncommon pose again which I like, but seeing as it is just a box, there's not much else to say. I do think it's a neat box though.

Absol Power Keepers Box (アブソル ボックス) Absol Ex Power Keepers Box
Pokemon USA, 2004
Yes, an empty Ex Power Keepers box. It features Absol primarily, so I don't mind adding it here. I bought so many packets from this series.... And got all the Ex Pokemon from the box EXCEPT Absol. Meh. I love the pose Absol uses on this box though, so it.... Kinda makes up for it, I guess...

Absol Shining Darkness Box (アブソル ひかる闇 ボックス) Absol Shining Darkness Box
アブソル ひかる闇 ボックス
Pokemon Company, 2008
Not sure if to consider this an item, but..... It's a box from the Shining Darkness TCG. It had Absol clearly marked on the side. I also have the folder from this, but Absol is too tiny to really picture it here. Maybe I will eventually, for the sake of completion.

Absol Jirachi Keychain (アブソル ジラーチ メタルキーホルダー) Absol Jirachi Keychain
アブソル ジラーチ メタルキーホルダー
Subarado, 2008
Okay, so Absol only plays a minor role here.... On the backing. But it's still Absol. And so it shall be placed here. Towards the bottom seeing as it's not the most relevant item in the collection.

Absol 2011 C Hampionships Tin (アブソル ティヌ) Absol Bootleg 2011 C Hampionships Tin
アブソル ティヌ
Back to the Future, 2011
Martin McFly gave me this as a present in 2009 when he drove off in his DeLorean. Okay no, it's a bootleg tin, but it was at a carboot for 10p and I couldn't pass it up. It's actually quite a nice tin, if you disregard all text written on it (C Hampionships - The new name for Finals everywhere).