disasters abound; why absol?

I've been a fan of this amazing series since it very first came out in Japan, and my love had grown drastically by the time it hit the UK. Time flew by, and out came the first images of all the Hoenn cast together. I glanced through them all, but one stood out from the rest. Absol. Instantly, I fell in love with this Pocket Monster.

As I was too lazy to get a guide for Ruby/Sapphire, I continued through the game until I caught sight of an Absol randomly - Ever since I caught him, he has remained my favourite Pokémon since.

Primarily, I will always name my Absol Xemnas - After my favourite character from Kingdom Hearts. I also frequently name other Absol 'Hiei' from Yu Yu Hakusho. In Pokémon Ranch, my Ranch is dedicated to Absol, and the names can vary, though mostly follow suit of being named after characters I like, or names I am fond of.

The first Absol I ever trained properly was 'スラシ', which was meant to be 'Slash'. My Japanese skills were limited back then (even though I was top of the class, probably because I was the only serious student out of a whopping 6) so I misspelt it as 'Surashi/Slashi' instead.